We sell parts for

We sell parts for


Detas: diesel fork lifts

  • Detas D50, D63, D70, D80
  • Detas DTA100, DTA125
  • Detas DTA150, DTA160, DTA180
  • Detas DTA20, DTA25, DTA30, DTA35, DTA40
  • Detas DTA50, DTA60, DTA70, DTA80
  • Detas DTE20, DTE25, DTE30
  • Detas SH20, SH25, SH30
  • Detas SH35, SH40, SH45, SH50
  • Detas SR16, SR20
  • Detas SHR16, SHR20
  • Detas SHR25, SHR30
  • Detas SHR40, SHR45, SHR 50, SHR60
  • Detas SK15, SHR15, SHR20
  • Detas SK20, SK25

Robustus: electric fork lifts

  • Robustus 212, 215, 218
  • Robustus 220, 225C
  • Robustus 413, 415, 418
  • Robustus EVO420 electric
  • Robustus G19
  • Robustus G45
  • Robustus G6, G8, G10
  • Robustus GN1000, GN1500
  • Robustus GNF2000, GNF2500
  • Robustus P360
  • Robustus RBT300, RBT400
  • Robustus GN2000, GN2500
  • Robustus GN3000, GN4000 electric
  • Robustus SE08, SE10, SE12, SE13, SE15, SE17, SE18, SE20
  • Robustus SE1.2, SE1.5, SE1.6, SE1.8, SE1.9, SE2.0, SE2.0P
  • Robustus SE103, SE123, SE133, SE153
  • Robustus SE15, SE17, SF17, SE20, SF20, SE20P, SE25P
  • Robustus SE163, SE183, SE203, SE164, SE204, SE254
  • Robustus SE23, SE27, SE32, SE315, SE318, SE320
  • Robustus SE40, SE45, SE50
  • Robustus SE417, SE420, SE420L, SE425
  • Robustus SE427, SE432
  • Robustus SEC153
  • Robustus ST30, ST50
  • Robustus T80
  • Robustus TN360

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About Detas & Robustus: Parts exclusively available at TVH

About Detas & Robustus: Parts exclusively available at TVH

Detas was founded in 1969 and started as a manufacturer of diesel forklifts. In 1980, the company started constructing 2-3 tonne electric forklifts. Four years later, in 1984, Detas bought Robustus in Lugo, a popular make of electric forklifts that was founded in the early ‘60s.

After the acquisition, Detas moved Robustus to Coseano and started the production of a new complete range of electric forklifts, after which the brand became known as Detas Robustus. In 1985, the name Detas changed to Nuova Detas.

Detas ceased activities in May 2012. Three years later, in 2015, TVH acquired the complete stock of Nuova Detas parts, suitable for diesel trucks from 2 to 18 tonnes and electric trucks from 1 to 5 tonnes.  As a result, they can continue to offer customers genuine Detas and Robustus parts, as well as technical documentation, manuals, stickers etc. with a very short delivery time.